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"When you get past thirty everything in life is about abstaining and giving up, and everything is about discipline."
Kiefer Sutherland

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WWE Confidential
July 13, 2002
Written by: cfgb & slashwrestling.com

Please ignore my spelling mistakes - WordPad does not come with the luxury of a spell checker - and when I type fast I am bound to screw up once or twice.

TONIGHT: Torrie Wilson's life story, plus what happened to Jimmy Snuka?

Opening credits.

Mean Gene Okerlund is all alone, dreaming of Torrie Wilson. She's going to be speaking candidly about a teenage eating disorder. But first...

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is legendary. His splash from the top of a catch in MSG back in 1983 changed the business and influenced wrestling for ages to come.

He was born in the Fiji Islands until he was 10. He then moved to Hawaii and started his career there. During his first match, he was shaking from nervousness - but once the match started he became a different person and there was a different feeling. He entertained people when he was younger with dancing and acting - so he was used to performing.

Jeff Hardy really enjoys the fact Snuka would go barefoot.

Dawn Marie couldn't believe he could do the things he did without shoes - thinking it must have hurt.

Snuka's toes would break all the time, but it was his gimmick not to wear shoes, so he was quite happy to continue.

His name got around on the indy circuit, and one day he got a call from Vince McMahon Sr. - and the idea of coming to the Big Apple blew his mind. When he came to the Garden, he was amazed - and it was a feeling he'd never had before. You see all kinds of people in there, and he just loved it.

D'Lo never understood his promos. As a fan, he knew what Snuka said was powerful - but in the same breath couldn't figure out what he'd said.

Clips are played from the Don Muraco / Superfly cage match - now made more infamous due to Mick Foley than anything.

He took a look at the top of the cage - and just decided to do it out of the blue. He felt the moment and dove.

Wrestlemania 1 was a big highlight for him - because he got a chance to wrestle on one of the biggest shows of all time with all kinds of celebrities.

It's not an easy thing trying to be straight in this business all the time - because people try to lead you the wrong way. He was snorting cocaine, he never went to drug counselling. He did it himself, and took care of his problem himself. He chose between the drugs and his kids - and picked the kids.

Vince McMahon inducted him into the Hall Of Fame. He was very happy to get that honor. After the induction - Vince asked him if he wanted to wrestle the next day. So in November 1996 at MSG, he had one more match.

UP NEXT: How did Torrie Wilson get so beautiful?

Gene fell in love with Torrie the first time he met her. Before she made it to show biz however, she had to come face to face with a serious illness.

Torrie's stepfather couldn't believe it the first time he saw her in scantily clad outfits. Her brother Tim couldn't believe it the first time she walked out with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan - because he'd always wanted to be associated with the business. Travis, another brother, was hoping she'd stick to walking out with people instead of wrestling - if only because he knows males dream about two women wrestling together. Her third brother Matt knew she was going into that kind of thing from all the fitness mags - but it's hard to deal with.

When Torrie was born, she was 9 pound 10 ounces. She grew up on a ski hill in Idaho. Her brothers gave her swirlies just to see if the hair would swirl. It got to the point where she'd scream if they walked into the room - just to keep them away.

When doing judo, she'd have to stop to brush her hair away. She loved goats - because they'd suck on her thumb like a baby.

She worked at a fast food restaurant for two summers to make extra cash.

Torrie was challenging because she matured fast. At 14, she looked 19. Her older brothers were over protective and chased away the boys before they talked to her. It was embarrassing for her when they'd yell at someone who'd never even talked to her. They just felt it was hard - because they knew how guys acted around women - and didn't want it happening to their sister.

She tried modelling at 14. Her parents were a tad resistence because you had to be VERY thin - and they had their concerns. However, they supported her decision. The lady behind the desk asked her to lose a few points - and she lost more. Her eating disorder lasted from 15 until she was 19.


UP NEXT: Bradshaw and Big Show play basketball.

There's always a challenge going on in the back of the WWE locker room. Cards, dominoes, video games, whatever. Bradshaw's the biggest instigator of the bunch - and challenged the locker room to a game of TEXAS - which is a variation on HORSE. Big Show took the challenge.

The Coach hosts the game. The winner of the game has to take on Linda. Bradshaw abuses her BEFORE the match even starts. Good lord...

Bradshaw hits the basket, Show does not. Repeat cycle, rinse. Show goes up to T-E-X and Bradshaw doesn't have a letter. Show finally manages to follow the dunk - and then Bradshaw misses a basket. Show hits it, as does Bradshaw.

Bradshaw: "I just want to let you know now I'm bisexual. I shoot with both hands."

Show hits a LONG 3 pointer, Bradshaw misses. They each hit a few until Show misses a short one. So we're as T-E-X-A vs. T. Things aren't looking good for the Big Show.

Bradshaw dunks it to show off. Show proves big fat white men can't jump - and loses.

Bradshaw invites Linda up to the Mariotte. "Why don't we let the Viagra do the speaking?" Linda NO SELLS the come ons!

Round two takes place next week.

UP NEXT: Snuka takes to the air.

People used to throw rocks into the water and he'd have to dive to get it before it hit bottom, which is where he got the nickname "Superfly" - as well as the "splash".

The fans absolutely loved his finisher, so he kept it and it became a big part of the gimmick. He looked around at the people - gave them the sign that he loved them very much - and dove.

Alot of superstars were influenced by Snuka's flying and aspiring to be like him. He was the first guy to establish a top rope flying move as a finisher - and set the stage for the Shooting Star Presses, Swanton Bombs, and Flying Legdrops.

Gene starts singing the "Miss Golden Thong" song. Big thanks to all the fans who made Divas Undressed a success. Behind the scenes, Edge brought along a video camera - and debut's Edge TV.

Stacy wants to see Hulk Hogan in a lingerie match. Dawn Marie refuses to offer diet because she's been eating cookies all day. Jerry Lawler just wants to see things pop out.

Lawler and Edge love the thongs. Edge takes his camera through the dressing room where Stacy shows off for him. Trish sifts through clothing - and she poses....THE BUCKET HAT!

All of the ladies slipped on a grease spot on the aisle. Jackie Gayda loves the fact women don't have to hide anything.

When Rico was pantsed on Smackdown! with his thong showing - his daughter wasn't sure she could go to school because of it. But he just told her none of the other girls had dads with a great tush like he did - and no one teased her. But now.... (He poses with a bra and thong.)

Stacy, Torrie, and Dawn Marie all want to win the award. Torrie gets the win - and everyone else is shocked. (ESPECIALLY Rico.)

Chris Nowinski talks about his Harvard career! Everyone used to tell him he was going to be great - and it got to him. He now knows he's great all around.

Gene says alot of guys can't wait to kick Nowinski's ass...and we'll hear all about him next week!

This past week, Kevin Nash suffered a similar injury to Triple H's. He's out at least 6 months.

NEXT WEEK: Bob Orton Sr., Jr., and Randy Orton all talk about the family business.

Remember, if you see and hear it here - it's Confidential!

[slash] wrestling

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