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"I can tell you, though, if you don't dot the i's and cross the t's in the ring and on the television, no matter what else you do, it will collapse. The foundation of any good business is the business. In my current business, I can build the greatest house in the world with hardwood floors and crown molding and nice patios and granite countertops, but if I'm not taking care of the business and making sure that I don't get double billed and making sure that the house gets built in a timely fashion so the interest doesn't eat it and if the marketing and advertising isn't being done so we don't get enough people going through the house in its stages and the house is not sold at the time that it's finished, it's all for naught. In the wrestling business you can have a hell of a TV show and put on a great performance on the road with all the bells and whistled, but if it doesn't make sense at the bottom line and if expenses are out of hand, it's for nothing. I remember one time Eddie Graham called me and asked me to fly down to Tampa. He said, 'Something is terribly wrong and I need you to look at it?' I went down and Dusty had drawn I think $54,000, some astronomical house, and he had spent $60,000. I said, 'Hell, it's easy to see what's wrong. What good does it do you to set a record house and spend more than you take in?' So that's what I'm saying about the future of the USWA. It will depend greatly on whether there is a businessman or a group of businessmen or somebody looking after the business."
Jerry Jarrett, 3/2/97 Torch Talk

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