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Posted by Frank Jewett, on ETC Message Board
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"I have come to terms that Bangs will always get put over whoever I like, and when he does put someone over, it'll be someone undeserving and demoralizing like HBK. It's expected, he is banging the Boss's (and in many respects, Steph is the boss too) daughter. I have come to the conclusion that Big Show must be fucking Shane, as it's the only logical explanation I can come to. I guess I'll have to resign myself to the fact that Show is going to be put over all my favorite wrestlers. Why don't they go ahead and finish the job? Bring Destroyer out of retirement, have Show destroy him too. Go ahead and send Show over to Japan and have him squash Kawada, Kobashi, Liger, Misawa. Have him dig up Jumbo's corpse and pinch a loaf on it. Hell have him pin every regular Japanese wrestler *except* Mutoh, and have Show lay down for some horribly screwed up Shining Wizard variation that misses by 8 inches just before getting on the plane back home to bang my wife; slap around my kid and toilet paper my yard. If you're going to have Show fuck up the few things I've liked in WWE, go ahead and have him destroy everything."

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