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"... thinking Steve may have been in on the Smoke [a faked 'retired wrestler' poster] work all along as one of those 'historians'... ;)"

"Where's the fucking smilely face? When you say crap like that I want to see a fucking smilely face! John knows I'm not smart enough to try something like that. The guys who pulled this off (if what we're reading today is may be a work too) were very good. What made the whole thing work... is that... up until the fake Rogers stuff started... they didn't say anything. It was all hot air about inside stuff outside the arena. Nothing said was important... until Smoke led them into the fake Rogers story. John told me about that in message and I jumped on that right away... because that was screwing with history. The other posts [Smoke] wrote on other topics were well done & I never could find any hole in them. The guys doing this knew their history and created a convincing character."
Steve Yohe

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