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"If anything, I'd be pissed that WCW is faking [Kanyon's injury] all out the way they are (ala Shawn Michaels' 'concussion' at the hands of Owen Hart). I mean, after all, this demeans the massive importance and signifigance of killer bumps that actually fuck guys like Foley, Grimes, and New Jack up for life. After all, isn't this the *winning* formula according to the 'logic' of present ECW booking? I might've liked these insano acts at one point in time. I no longer do. Since Foley's twelve chair shot marathon at the Royal Rumble, ECW's degeneration into pure garbage, and WCW's pathetic attempts to imitate the crappy ECW product, these crazy spots involving out-of-ring accessories seem tired, too poorly used, unneccessary... give it a rest and give me some damn wrestling matches instead. Something I would actually have difficultly emulating in my backyard."
Andrew Siller

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